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Highland Vests   10% to 25% OFF    

Size - Lavender, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Purple, Black

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6 - 8



10 - 12



32 - 34



36 - 38



Size - All Other Colours

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6 - 8



10 - 12



32 - 34



36 - 38



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Made from 100% cotton DeBall velvet.  Come with silver or gold buttons and braid (trim).  Vests are interfaced with horsehair interfacing and lined with satin for comfort.  Vests come with Velcro and hook and eye closure.

Product Care 

Made from 100% cotton velvet these vests SHOULD BE DRY CLEANED.

Sizing Notice  

Highland vests follow standard sizes, which can be determined by using the following size chart. Special order vests are also available (where a dancer’s measurements do not match stock sizes).  There is an added fee for special orders.  Please contact Marg regarding all special orders. The following chart is in inches.

Note:  If you have added growth room to your measurements please indicate where and how much growth room you have added.  Measurements should be taken with the kilt on.  Including the dancer’s age, height, and body stature helps in making good fitting vests. Please take a measurement around, just above the dancer’s hipbone (not the fullest part of the hip, JUST above the bone).

Total Length: Measurement from the top of vest the back of the dancer’s neck to the bottom of the vest’s point at the dancer’s back.

Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible for improperly ordered costumes, shoes or fabric. If you are unfortunate enough to order a costume, shoe or fabric in the wrong size or colour it is your responsibility to send the unused product back to Marg’s Highland Dance Wear Inc. on a prepaid shipping basis (where you cover the shipping cost). Please be careful when ordering and measuring to ensure that you get what you want in your shipment. Don’t hesitate to phone Marg at 403-256-1779 if you have any questions about measuring and sizes, it may save you time and money. Marg's Highland Dance Wear Inc. is not responsible or liable for the improper  use, storage, washing, care, or maintenance of its products. 


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